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What are the Common Features of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts?


A heat resistant conveyor belt is designed to handle high temperatures. It is an integral component in industries where conveying materials at increased temperatures is a common affair. This product is manufactured from heat resistant rubber cotton canvas. The canvas has been vulcanised at extreme temperatures. A heat resistant conveyor belt is found in cement plants and steel mills. It transports hot coal, hot moulds, slag, and cement up to 175 degrees Celsius.

Features of a Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

The common features of a heat resistant belt are listed below:

Specialised materials: These belts are manufactured using specialised materials that can resist high temperatures. They don’t deteriorate or lose their structural integrity during the process. The popular materials used include rubber compounds and synthetic fibres.

High-temperature tolerance: Conveyor belts can resist high temperatures effectively. However, it depends on the construction and materials used. Focus on your requirements before selecting a belt for your industry.

Reinforcement: The belts are reinforced with high-strength materials. These materials provide increased strength and dimensional stability. They have the potential to handle high loads even at extreme temperatures.

Resistance to thermal expansion: They are manufactured to deal with thermal contraction and expansion. This feature prevents the belt from excessive stretching or deforming when exposed to increased heat.

Excellent insulation properties: These conveyor belts come with excellent insulation properties. They prevent heat transfer to the conveyed material, combating damage and quality degradation.

Abrasion and water resistance: The belts are engineered to withstand wear and tear. They guarantee a long service even in demanding environments.

Chemical resistance: Most belts are resistant to chemicals, oils, and other substances encountered in industrial environments. This property boosts their durability and performance by a significant margin.

As you can understand, heat resistant conveyor belts offer a perfect blend of strength, temperature tolerance, durability, and chemical resistance. Hence, they are necessary for industrial operations in high temperature environments.

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