PVC Conveyor belts available with us in White & Green Color are widely used in most applications for conveying of Tea, Coffee, Tobacco and any other food products. PVC Conveyor Belts  can be virtually stretch less, dimensionally stable, have high wear resistant, low noise, food grade and antistatic. Belts are spliced using the finger-joint method eliminate the chances of misalignments and mistracking, In use with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of CTC Machines &Continuous Fermenting Machines.

These Belts can also be provided with Zero tracking ‘V’  guides on lower side of both the edges to avoid mistracing.

Color : White, Green

Available Widths:

450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1050mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2550mm, 3000mm


Industrial Manufacturers of PVC Conveyor Belts in India

JMD Udyog is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC conveyor belts in India. Our PVC belts are of standard quality and are majorly used in the food industry for different types of food processing and food handling processes. We manufacture durable and good quality PVC, which all players in the food processing industries can easily use. We are one of the leading manufacturers of PVC conveyor belts in Kolkata, which are mainly used for conveying tea, coffee, tobacco and other food products. We offer a wide range of styles and specifications to suit the needs of the food processing industries. Our range of PVC conveyor belts is around 2 to 5 mm and is around 13 to 15 metres long, so all the food products are conveyed properly using the same. Top-Quality PVC Conveyor Belts at Efficient Prices: At JMD Udyog, our PVC conveyor belt range is stable and flexible. Here’s why food processing companies like using PVC conveyor belts. 1. PVC conveyor belt range is durable and highly resistant to wear, tear and scratches. 2. They are available in a broad range of types and styles. 3. You can maintain them easily and hence they are preferred by many operating in the food processing industries. 4. PVC conveyor belts are grease resistant and hence can be conveniently used in conveying food products in different parts. 5. They are affordably conveying options for bulk conveying purposes. Contact us for the best quality PVC conveyor belts in Kolkata, India.