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How Do You Decide To Repair Or Replace A Conveyor System?


Conveyor belts are one of the major parts in manufacturing plants and distribution centres globally. So, when the conveyor belts break, it can cause many issues with production and work schedules. It can also affect worker safety and damage the conveyor system’s working flow.

Consistent inspection and maintenance can avoid most of the issues with conveyor belt breakdowns. However, no matter how proactive you are, it is only sometimes possible to cover every issue alone.

For this reason, it is very important to develop a plan of action and follow policies that address conveyor belt breakdowns. The plan and policies’ essential functions will guide you in answering the question: Do you need repair or replacement?

Suppose you decide to change the conveyor belts. In that case, you can contact trusted manufacturers of tea conveying belts in India, who provide a wide range of conveyor belts according to the client’s preferences.

When You Need To Consider Conveyor Belt Replacement?

When the belt is damaged, you need to consider replacing it when it faces the two conditions like-

The Belt Is Too Old

If the conveyor belt is too old, shows signs of wear and tear, and is no longer performing at its best, you need to change it.

Damage To The Belt Is A Major Issue

A tear or puncture in the belt is a major issue that needs replacement.

If any of these conditions are true, the spare part is already present on-site, so replacing the belt is the right option. However, if the belt is new and has minor damage that can stop the line from performing, then you need to opt for repair.

When You Need To Consider Conveyor Belt Repairs?

Once you have decided to repair the conveyor belt, the question remains, “Is the temporary repair a viable choice?”

The conveyor belt repair service depends on the type of belt used. If it is a traditional belt, a temporary and short repair is good. A temporary repair can keep the production running while you wait for the professional team to provide the service you need. Repairing a conveyor belt is safe for workers; it will not fix the issue permanently and will not damage the conveyor belt components.

Hence, you know when to replace or repair the conveyor belt. If you need to replace it, contact JMD Udyog, which provides a wide range of conveyor belts for industries, including tea manufacturing. Call us to get a quote.