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How CTC Machines Produce the Best Brew of Tea Leaves: All in All Guide


Chaipatti, or CTC, is a major fuel driving most people worldwide. The deep-coloured and strong-flavoured brew is made from tea granules made using the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis bush. The CTC brew gets matched with milk as nicely as bread pairs with butter.

This brew is generally enhanced by adding sugar and spices to get exotic flavours to savour. If you have a tea business and want the best CTC machine, you can get help from manufacturers of spares of CTC machines in India that offer the best machinery for tea production.

How the CTC Machines in India Produce the Best Brew of Tea

All tea starts in the garden, where nature nurtures it, and the tea pluckers pluck the tea leaves measured in the factory. The steps are discussed as follows-

  • Withering- After making the initial harvest, the tea leaves are withered with the help of blow drying. This step lasts 3-4 hours to get the desired moisture level in the green leaves, and also, often, you can decide whether the tea will be good or bad. 
  • Leaf preparation- The withered leaves are sifted through a mesh to remove the foreign particles that might make their way to the garden if not strained properly. The sifted leaves are then crushed and rolled for the oxidation process. The oxidation process helps produce a darker colour in the brew. 
  • Use of CTC machine- Here, the machine does what it says: the leaves are crushed, torn and then curled with the help of the razor-sharp teeth present in the machine. The rollers are used for performing the process and getting the granules in different sizes, ranging from fine dust to large broken orange pekoe, also called BOP. 
  • Drying and sorting- after the CTC process, the leaves are dried to reduce oxidation. It is also done inside the CTC machine. The tea that comes out of the machine is called CTC. 
  • Packaging- After the drying of tea, the next step involves packaging. Good packaging reflects branding and sustainability.

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